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Yes to Basics

the word "basics"
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I have always been a writer. As I finally have time to consider my next career options, I have also found myself going back to why I love to write and how writing has always defined me and what I do.

I have been writing online since 2003. That's 20 years. Two decades. At a time, this site housed all my writings, but after Latino Rebels became a thing in 2011 (I will share that origin story in a future post), I stopped writing under my own URL and just used LR. Eventually, I transferred my favorite pieces to LR (see the proof here) or deleted all the older pieces. Yes, they no longer exist, or at least I think they no longer exist.

Anyway, with more time and shorter winter days, I promised myself that I would start writing again during this transitional time, so as of today, January 3, 2024, that is the plan. I will try to post here daily. Right now, it feels promising, but let's check in a month from now.

Meanwhile, I don't plan to "monetize" any of my words on this site nor will you will find me on platforms like Substack that are totally cool with making money off of Nazis. Still, give it a share if you find any value in what I write or say on my site. That is all I ask.

I will leave you with my take of the day.

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Via Twitter (no way I will ever call it X)

Let's do this. Julito

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